Elegantly share Jike messages with Telegram friends.


Because I chat with my girlfriend on Telegram, I usually share interesting messages with her. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram can directly parse the link and present the content in a user-friendly way, which provides a great experience. However, the platform I use the most, Jike, cannot be parsed. Every time I want to share a Jike message, I have to open the original link in a browser, download the resources, and then share them. It's too troublesome. So, I spent some time writing a Telegram Bot to parse Jike links.

I named this bot Jikeview, inspired by the naming of Telegram's InstantView. It is dedicated to converting Jike messages into the most user-friendly format for Telegram users.

The usage is very simple, just share the link with the Bot, and it will parse the content into a user-friendly format with support for animated images, videos, and multiple images. However, please note that Telegram currently does not support sending messages with multiple animated images or a combination of animated and other images, so it does not currently support multiple images with GIFs.

Welcome to experience jikeview_bot

✨ 即刻抓取 可以直接通过即刻 APP分享消息或者复制消息链接给我,我会将消息转成 Telegram 消息发送给您

Operating Video