Got a New Keyboard


Driven by the need to replace my long-serving keyboard (Filco Minila Air) which is kept at the office, I need to purchase a new one for home use.

I have multiple devices at home, so flexible Bluetooth device switching is my primary requirement. Also, since I'm used to the standard 60% key layout, I basically only consider 60% keyboards. After more than a week of repeated comparisons, I finally chose the Niz 66 keyboard:

  • The 66-key layout is close to the standard 60% arrangement, maintaining compactness while having a rich array of keys. It can switch between Windows mode and Mac mode with a single key, almost eliminating the need to configure keys with AutoHotKey/Karabiner on both platforms.
  • Supports dual mode (Bluetooth 4.0 + TypeC), which allows flexible switching of Bluetooth connections between three devices.
  • Electrostatic capacitive switches, for someone like me who is used to Cherry MX switches, don't feel as crisp when pressed. However, it's this marshmallow-like feel that is somewhat addictive. The sound of the silent keys is very low, so there's no need to worry about disturbing others.

The overall workmanship is slightly cheap, but the merits outweigh the demerits. This is a very good keyboard with a high cost-performance ratio.

Here are a few comparison objects:

  • IQUNIX F60

    It might be my most desired choice, with a rich color scheme, flexible plug-and-play shaft, standard 60% key position... But surprisingly, there is no Bluetooth connection option (the 2020 new model seems to have Bluetooth connectivity, but there is currently no purchase channel), so I had to give it up.

  • Leopold FC660M

    Just like the one above, it looks very good, but unfortunately, it doesn't have Bluetooth......

  • Keychron K6

    The features are very rich, indeed it's a good keyboard. However, I really can't accept the function keys being placed on the far right. I'm used to pressing the Backspace key in the upper right corner of the keyboard, it's too hard to adapt. In addition, after actual experience, the Gateron brown switches (compared to Cherry) are a bit loose.

  • Filico Minila

    Minila is a very good choice. The Minila I have has been in use for nearly 6 years since I bought it. I have replaced it with 3 shafts and a whole set of keycaps, and it has always been very stable and easy to use. Unfortunately, the product has not been upgraded well over the years (a new model, Minila R, was released this year, but the changes are a bit too big and a bit hard to accept).

    • It doesn't support dual-mode, and the Bluetooth can't switch quickly between multiple devices.
    • The keycaps are not PBT, and after long-term use, it is inevitable to purchase new keycaps for replacement, the price of which often catches up with 30% of the keyboard price. The unique short space key + 2 Fn keys, if you need to replace the keycaps, you need to purchase standard keycaps, and also pay extra to buy additional keycaps for adaptation.